"My wife and I met Marie several years ago while looking for an antique chandelier for our new house.  By then we were extremely frustrated from not being able to find what we needed and from very high prices attached to any decent item.  Eventually, one of the shop owners referred us to Chez Marie and we decided to try one last time.  Imagine our faces when right from the start we saw EXACTLY the thing we wanted and the price was VERY fair compared to any other antique shop in the area.

I have to say that because my wife and I both were born and raised in Europe, our taste as well as ability to appreciate art is quite demanding. We could not believe that prices were so low compared to other shops and that the selection was so great.  Every item in the store was unique and a masterpiece by itself. Apparently, Marie lived in France for many years and speaks French fluently. This allows her to go back and purchase antiques directly from the owners deep in the French countryside, sometimes from people who owned their furniture for generations. Hence, the profit margins on her business do not require big price tags; and she is more interested in bringing beautiful items to people for a fair price. We purchased that chandelier and have returned many more times for other items. In fact, we became friends with Marie and she helped us to furnish our entire house over the next few years by going on regular trips to France and bringing back the EXACT items on our wish list. I can honestly say that we must have paid at least 40% less than we would in any other store and got THE BEST items available.

I would also like to mention that Marie possesses an exquisite taste for fabric, paint, decoration and style. She helped us to decorate our house by coming over and making recommendations on how to position the furniture in order to bring out the best in it as well as coordinating window treatments design.

Any person considering buying a piece of antique furniture must first pay a visit to Chez Marie Antiques and I guarantee you, you will NOT be willing to shop anywhere else."


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