chez marie imported antiques

As a young student in Grenoble, France, I became enamored with French culture and language, and decided to make both an integral part of my life. France became home for the next 11 years; time to immerse myself in the world of antiques that I now import since 1998.  Twice a year I return to my "second home" in France as a buyer and direct importer of fine 19th and early 20th century French antique furniture, lighting, and accessories for Chez Marie Antiques.

Fluency in French and years of traveling throughout the Normandy and Brittany regions give me the unique opportunity to buy from local individuals, at auctions, warehouses, consignment shops, and small town antique dealers. Truthfully, any dealer can claim to be an importer, but you can be assured that I indeed do all the legwork with the goal of discovering quality pieces, in mint condition, at unbeatable prices. 

At Chez Marie Antiques you will find a beautiful selection of dining tables, chairs, beds, chests, armoires, buffets, bookcases, chandeliers, mirrors, and more. Styles range from formal to country, with popular French styles including Louis XV and Louis XVI, Louis-Phillipe, Neo-Rennaissance, Art-Deco, and Napoleon lll.  We ship anywhere in the US.

-Marie Badarani
Owner, Chez Marie Antiques 

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